VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PHEMI, the company delivering big data solutions with built-in privacy, security, and governance and enterprise-grade management, today announced the participation of its System Architect Russ Weeks at the upcoming Accumulo Summit 2016 to be held Tuesday, October 11th at the College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in Hyattsville, Maryland. Weeks will be delivering a keynote address at the daylong event, as well as a case study tied to precision medicine later in the day.

PHEMI to keynote #Accumulo Summit, highlight Apache Accumulo role in #BigData access controls & security for #Hadoop

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Today, Chief Security Officers, Chief Information Officers, and Chief Data Officers face governance and security issues that are impeding the delivery of Hadoop-based solutions in the enterprise’s production network. Weeks’ keynote entitled Accumulo in the Enterprise: Taking Hadoop from Pilot to Production will explore the ways in which Apache Accumulo is uniquely positioned to mitigate or resolve problems around access controls and security for big data, thus enabling Hadoop clusters to move from pilot to production.

Weeks will also present a case study entitled From Key Value Pairs to Base Pairs — Apache Accumulo and Precision Medicine that shows how Apache Accumulo can be used to provide quick and secure access to billions of genomic observations for clinical and research purposes. The case study identifies critical challenges related to cohort analysis and provides a demonstration of Accumulo features to address research and analysis hurdles in precision medicine.

Accumulo in the Enterprise: Taking Hadoop from Pilot to Production
9:00 – 10:00 AM — Potomac 1 & 2

From Key Value Pairs to Base Pairs — Apache Accumulo and Precision Medicine
2:15 – 2:50 — Chesapeake A & B

Russ Weeks, System Architect, PHEMI

Tuesday, October 11
College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in Hyattsville, Maryland

Russ Weeks, System Architect, PHEMI
Russ drives the technical direction of PHEMI’s big data warehouse product architecture. Prior to joining PHEMI, Russ was a senior software designer in the network management groups at Ericsson and Cray Supercomputers. He holds patents in the areas of network bandwidth and network communications service templates. He has contributed open-source implementations of Bhandari’s Algorithm for network routing and R-Tree for spatial indexing. Russ holds a Computer Science degree from Simon Fraser University, and is doing leading edge work in distributed data structures and algorithms. PHEMI Systems is a Vancouver, BC-based startup focused on the storage, retention and governance of structured and unstructured data.


PHEMI delivers privacy, security, governance and enterprise-grade management for big data. Its flagship product, PHEMI Central, embeds and enforces consent, data sharing agreements and privacy policies at the data level, removing a critical roadblock standing in the way of enterprises that aim to become data-driven.

PHEMI Central lets organizations easily access and mine any variety of data at any volume to drive insights that lower costs, improve outcomes, and allow better decisions faster. PHEMI brings both privacy and performance to big data. For more information visit and follow us on Twitter.


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