Healthcare Data Privacy & Governance Solutions

Healthcare Data Privacy & Governance Solutions2021-03-31T12:07:13-07:00

Data Privacy & Data Governance Solutions for Enterprise Healthcare Organizations

We help reduce operating costs, improve patient outcomes, create unified patient views, and speed time to discovery. How can we help you?


We help health authorities organize & protect patient data across silos.

Clinics &

Aggregate distributed data & make it accessible to research teams.

Drug &

We shorten the time to find powerful insights that lead to new treatments.

& Payers

Reduce costs by enabling data-driven decisions & finding inefficiencies.

Healthcare Data Solutions

PHEMI’s solutions are ideal for health authorities, health research centers, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. We can help virtually any organization in the Healthcare industry.

  • Privacy and Data Governance are built into the core of our solutions and are never an add-on. This makes protecting sensitive patient data a breeze.

  • From emails and images to CT scans and multiomics/genome data, our solution can handle large sets of structured and unstructured data with ease.

Big Data Management Platform for Healthcare

Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

Enable Precision

Our solution maximes access to all of the allowed data to be made available for analytics and AI/ML applications.

Find Systemic

Healthcare systems struggle with hidden inefficiencies which some independent studies estimate to range from 18%-35%. The PHEMI platform enables healthcare organizations to collect & organize their data so systemic inefficiencies are easy to discover.

Improve Overall
Service Quality

By enabling access to distributed data across departmental silos without compromising privacy, PHEMI helps healthcare organizations become data-driven, improve service quality, and increase competitiveness.

Use Cases for Healthcare

Manage Big Data Across Departments2019-03-25T21:13:09-07:00

Manage cross-organizational and cross-department data sharing agreements, control appropriate data usage, and manage the data preparation workflow while preserving data lineage.

Extract Insights Using Text Analytics2021-03-31T11:32:14-07:00

Discover new insights from keywords, topics, sentiment, and semantic concepts. De-identify data and link it to existing datasets.

Operational Improvements2021-03-31T11:32:54-07:00

PHEMI reduces data redundancy by creating a single derived dataset for an input file that provides granular attribute-based access control to all
users and uses of the dataset. PHEMI also helps automate data pipeline management, metadata management, and data provenance. PHEMI’s solution can reduce data lake storage and data integration costs by half.

Reduce the Risk of Data Breaches2019-03-25T21:10:21-07:00

PHEMI provides authorization policies to enforce privacy uniformly and consistently. It also enables the limiting of data access privileges. PHEMI also controls data access by destination, de-identifying it on-the-fly before it’s downloaded. PHEMI’s audit logs track who’s accessed what information and supports export to SIEM tools for faster anomaly detection.

Self Serve Access to Sensitive Data2019-03-14T00:19:13-07:00

PHEMI Central lets you set policy rules that uniformly and consistently enforce access for users and applications in real-time across users, departments and organizations. Operating at the metadata level, Data Catalog solutions can effectively profile, tag, and organize data, allowing users to search, discover and understand the provenance of curated datasets. PHEMI Central ingests unstructured, semi-structured or well-structured data and orchestrates the data processing workflow to build a library of analytics-ready data.

Get Data-Driven Insights2021-03-31T11:56:50-07:00

Be agile, and keep your competitive edge by reducing data friction. Let PHEMI be your single source of truth and trust so you can accelerate the secondary use of data without compromising privacy, security and governance.


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