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Growth in Healthcare Big Data

The global health and life sciences community produced over 2,340 Exabytes of data in 2020, however, less than 1 Petabyte is accessible for innovation and collaboration due largely to privacy and governance limitations. This is similar to the ratio of the volume of Mercury to the Sun and represents enormous untapped potential. This already immense amount of data is also growing rapidly, experiencing compound annual growth of 47.4% since 2013. This growing expanse of stored data is a potential wealth of information and offers significantly untapped resources. It should be shared, analyzed, processed with machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to enhance innovation and generate value.

Challenges in using Health Data

To fully capture the value of the existing data you need a system that can manage both data privacy and data governance requirements. The system must be able to de-identify and anonymize sensitive data to protect it against internal and external data breaches. It must also comply with rapidly evolving and fragmented privacy laws and data governance requirements… all while still making data management at scale simple and easy to use through integration with appropriate tools. You’ve got to ensure that the right people see the right data at the right time, in the right location, and with the right tools (the Five Rights of Data). And the wrong ones don’t.

The Health Data Governance Solution:
PHEMI Trustworthy Health DataLab™

With PHEMI’s sophisticated Health DataLab™, privacy and governance concerns are alleviated and you can concentrate on the breakthrough insights, innovative processes, and achieving those genuine AHA! moments that arise from getting full access to all that deep, rich information.

PHEMI HEALTH DataLab is a unique, integrated big data management system that allows healthcare organizations to enhance innovation and generate value from healthcare data by simplifying the ingestion and de-identification of data with NSA/military-grade governance, privacy, and security built-in.

Secure, Govern, Curate & Control Data

Conventional data protection products simply lockdown this data, PHEMI goes further, solving privacy and security challenges and addressing the urgent need to secure, govern, curate, and control access to privacy-sensitive personal healthcare information (PHI).

Responsible Data Sharing

In today’s data-driven world, organizations not only protect data but also must share it responsibly. The HEALTH DataLab enables medical research programs to expand our knowledge of human disease.

Privacy by Design

Built on a privacy-by-design architecture, the software gives researchers, scientists and clinicians access to more information through responsible data sharing and provides a governance framework to facilitate compliance with privacy regulations.

Enterprise Scale Big Data made easy

PHEMI HEALTH DataLab can scale to any size of organization, with a flexible usage-based pricing model, is easy to deploy and manage, connects to hundreds of data sources, and integrates with the most popular data science and business analysis tools.

The Ideal Architecture for Sensitive Data
– Privacy By Design

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Simplify Data Management:
See All In A Single Pane Of Glass

HEALTH DataLab Benefits

Protect & leverage sensitive data

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is a minefield for data. Whether it’s HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, or CCPA, the presence of PII in a data set can render it virtually unusable. PHEMI lets you protect data with granularity down to a single cell in a grid, all without impacting performance. Make your business realize the value of its data, regardless of sensitivity.

Simplify & get to insights faster

Is your business integrating tools, or delivering outcomes? Most data management systems are a Rube Goldberg assembly of tools that only work well for a handful of insiders. PHEMI’s mission is to make data management simple. It’s a turnkey system, managing the full data lifecycle from acquisition and cataloging, through to transformation into analytics-ready data sets. PHEMI’s high-performance data pipelines and automatic data governance capabilities mean that analysts spend their time on discovery, not data preparation.

Lower the cost of data

Too many licenses and maintenance contracts? Tired of spending money on outside consultants? Not sure how to leverage the cloud? PHEMI can help. One vendor can deliver it all, giving you white-glove service and accountability. Our Azure cloud architecture lets you find your optimum balance of resources.

Manage and empower users

Is working with your data an exercise in bureaucracy? Empower your data scientists and data engineers to build their own pipelines, but with guardrails, so they can’t access data they shouldn’t see, or run jobs that adversely affect everyone. Our single pane of glass console and graphical programming paradigm makes building data pipelines easy. The system handles all of the bookkeeping for them, auditing every operation and providing full provenance for every data set. It even handles file versioning–the holy grail of data management!

HEALTH DataLab Features

Privacy designed down to the data cell level

PHEMI incorporates privacy by design, an approach that makes privacy a first-class consideration, not an afterthought. PHEMI labels every element of data with metadata, which can be used for access control. Queries are governed by built-in Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC), the same approach used by the military. ABAC combines attributes of a subject (such as a user), and the metadata bound to the data element, evaluating this against a policy rule set. ABAC is the only way to scale the access needs of a diverse community across vast data sets. Finally, strong encryption of all data ensures that nobody can end-run the system and gain access to sensitive data sets.

Advanced de-identification & Data Governance

Extract value from sensitive data sets by de-identifying Personally Identifiable Information (PII). PHEMI ships with a rich set of de-identification functions, allowing you to mask, round, tokenize, or encrypt potentially sensitive fields. We also include evaluation functions, such as k-anonymity, that can evaluate a data set and return a score describing the risk of re-identification. And if you have a custom algorithm you want to use, it’s simple to integrate it into a data pipeline. In addition, data governance rules, by project, organization, geography etc, can also be specified and are automatically applied to every access to the stored data.

The richest set of prebuilt connectors

PHEMI comes with over 200 pre-built connectors to data sources. Use them to ingest data into the PHEMI system, or export transformed data sets out into destinations. Got an unusual application? Use our graphical framework to rapidly build a custom connector to integrate data from all the participants in your network.

All data, structured and unstructured

PHEMI is a privacy-preserving manager for all of your sensitive data. Our schema-on-read model lets you approach your data without bias. Structured data? Check the box. Unstructured? Sure thing. Specialized data sets like genomic data? You bet—it’s in our DNA.

Automated versioning & tracking

The DevOps movement taught the world the value of automating toolchains. If you take out the redundant tasks, developers can focus on delivering value, hundreds of times per day. Think of PHEMI as DevOps for sensitive data. Acquisition, cataloging, transformation, and analysis—each step is incorporated into an automated, high-performance pipeline that lets your analysts focus on delivering insights. Every step is tracked and audited automatically so that only the right people see the right data at the right time, no matter how complex the transform chain.

Data science & analytics tool integration

PHEMI is a privacy-first system that integrates with your favorite tools. Love Apache Spark? So do we: PHEMI shows up as a Spark data source you can integrate directly into your Spark jobs. Are you a notebook whiz? PHEMI is with you, page by page. Is your business built on traditional BI tools like Tableau? We have an ODBC connector to support your every query. But rest assured, every attempt to access data is logged and protected under our privacy-preserving analytics model. Stop worrying about data falling into the wrong hands, and get analyzing.

Preserve Privacy Or Increase Data Velocity? Choose Both

Balancing Data Security and Data Access shouldn’t be a zero-sum decision.

Traditional access control systems force you to make a choice between data security & ease of access. Our system increases the velocity of data flowing through pipelines & simplifies access for legitimate users, without compromising privacy.

Generate Value From Your Data

We work across the healthcare and life sciences industry, helping enterprise health organizations tackle all their data management challenges with a fully-integrated system.


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