Share Data Responsibly

Conventional data protection products simply lock down your data. PHEMI goes further. In today’s data-driven world, organizations have to not only protect data, but also make it easier to share data responsibly. PHEMI is the first vendor to introduce real-time policy-based data protection and governance capabilities purpose-built for big data.


Analytics-Ready Data

Organize your data lake and inventory your sensitive data so you can avoid getting trapped in a swamp.


Sensitive Data

Secure your data and let users, applications and visualization tools access data within your compliance framework – scale across sources, users, and organizational boundaries.


Your Data Responsibly

Use PHEMI Selective Access Controls to lower cost, complexity and risk. Assign templated rules so authorized users can only access an approved view into the data.

Get More Value From Your Data Lake

Add PHEMI Central to your big data infrastructure, and get more value from your data lake by building a warehouse of analytics-ready data.

   Tag, inventory, de-identify, tokenize and track your sensitive data.

   Index and build data models for multistructured data ensuring fast queries and advanced analytics.

   Set policy-based access rules that define who is allowed to see what data, and then let PHEMI Central enforce those rules uniformly and consistently for all users at scale.

Our Solutions

Share data responsibly. Make better decisions faster. Whether you’re drowning in data or thirsting for insights, PHEMI helps organizations mine complex data and unlock new and actionable insights. As a result, organizations around the world use PHEMI software to achieve dramatic improvements in operational efficiencies, omnichannel customer insights, and drive new revenue while maintaining compliance imperatives.

Data Library with Privacy, Security and Governance

Ensure everyone is working from a single version of the truth; and reduce the time to access data from months to minutes, without restricting rightful access to sensitive data.

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Manage Big Data Across Departments

Manage cross-organizational and cross-department data sharing agreements, controlling appropriate data usage and managing the data preparation workflow while preserving data lineage.

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Extract Insights Using Text Analytics

Discover new insights from your emails, social media, surveys and documents including keywords, topics, sentiment and semantics, de-identifying data and linking it to existing datasets.

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Optimize the Customer Journey

Streamline how customers interact with your company, optimizing customer pathways to reduce churn, improve customer satisfaction and lower call center volumes without compromising privacy, security and governance.

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Harness Precision Medicine Data

Organize, index and link high volumes of genotype/phenotype data for interactive lookups, machine learning and predictive modeling with full privacy, security and governance.

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PHEMI’s 90-Day Insight Engagement can help you get more value from your big data investment.
Ingest faster; organize better; share securely; and discover new insights.


Ingest big data in minutes, not hours


Build datasets in minutes, not months


Look up data in a fraction of a second


Cut data sprawl in half

Expect More From Your Data Lake

Learn how PHEMI can help you share data responsibly and discover new business insights.

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