VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PHEMI, the company delivering privacy, security, and governance with enterprise-grade management for big data, today announced the launch of a streamlined, low-cost of entry big data cloud solution for the healthcare industry, in partnership with ClearDATA. PHEMI Central in the cloud provides healthcare and life science organizations a means to quickly and cost-effectively store, manage, protect, and share data used for analytics in a wide variety of clinical, operational, and genomics settings. PHEMI Central in ClearDATA’s cloud combines a HIPAA-compliant cloud platform with data-centric security, privacy, and governance features purpose-built to allow healthcare organizations to both protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and share data for research and discovery.

PHEMI Introduces #BigData #Healthcare Solution in the Cloud w/ #privacy & #security

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Increasingly, big data analytics for healthcare is driving clinical and operational improvements, as well as being applied to complex data sets, such as genome sequences and microbiome profiles. Gathering vast amounts of structured and unstructured data and preparing it for analytics is further complicated by the challenge to protect PII and ensure only authorized access––often a costly, disruptive, and time-consuming process. PHEMI Central in the cloud simplifies these big data deployments and makes data more consumable, giving researchers and analysts faster access to data, so they can identify optimal treatments, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.

“We’ve partnered with ClearDATA to offer a big data cloud solution for healthcare that secures data all the way from the network level to the data store,” said Paul Terry, CEO, PHEMI. “ClearDATA secures the infrastructure, including the operating system, while PHEMI Central protects privacy at the data repository level, enabling such actions as automatically de-identifying data to meet Safe Harbor guidelines, implementing data sharing agreements between specific genomics researchers, or recording the audit trail of a policy analyst who accessed a specific piece of data, so that organizations can realize increased results and greater value from their data.”

The PHEMI Central cloud solution allows customers to be up and running quickly with all of the benefits of big data––scalability, performance, and handling of complex data types––as well as the ability to satisfy the requirements of data stewards and privacy officers who set policies for who can access, view, and use what data, and when.

“By teaming with PHEMI, ClearDATA is helping set the stage to advance healthcare research and discovery, and to ultimately improve population health at a lower per capita cost,” said Darin Brannan, CEO of ClearDATA.

With ClearDATA’s HealthDATA Platform for Amazon Web Services (AWS), healthcare organizations can leverage the scalability, features, and performance of AWS cloud computing within a highly secure, HIPAA-compliant platform. AWS offers global scalability, robust functionality, and infrastructure reliability. ClearDATA provides unparalleled expertise in HIPAA-compliance, security, healthcare applications, workflows, interoperability, and more.

Combined, PHEMI Central in the Cloud and ClearDATA HealthDATA Platform for AWS delivers big data with privacy and the most secure, high-performance healthcare cloud computing platform available, backed by the most comprehensive Business Associates Agreement in the industry.


PHEMI delivers privacy, security, governance and enterprise-grade management for big data. Its flagship product, PHEMI Central, applies the Zero Trust Data approach, which embeds and enforces consent, data sharing agreements and privacy policies at the data level, removing a critical roadblock standing in the way of enterprises that aim to become data-driven.

PHEMI Central lets organizations easily access and mine any variety of data at any volume to drive insights that lower costs, improve outcomes, and allow better decisions faster. PHEMI brings both privacy and performance to big data. For more information visit and follow us on Twitter.


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