Big Data Solutions for Finance

Big Data Solutions for Finance2019-11-18T18:18:14+00:00

We are the data foundation for AI-powered Banking

PHEMI is the AI-ready data platform to accelerate innovation and fuel discovery in Banking, Insurance, and Fintech.

Banks & Financial

We protect private data for organizations of all types in the healthcare sector.


We simplify governance & improve regulatory compliance for FS companies.


We work with organizations in the public sector to process data from sensors & citizens alike.

Financial Services

We make it easy to add new data sets, tag and organize complex data, while auto-scaling to provide financial services companies the freedom to develop and innovate freely.

  • With data auditing, auto-sensing of sensitive data, and private data masking, PHEMI reduces the risk that comes from data theft from internal and external sources alike.

  • PHEMI democratizes data within financial institutions, while significantly improving productivity of Data Science teams.

  • Banks can leverage their advantages (data & expertise) to innovate faster, reduce costs, increase revenues and more efficiently comply with regulations by harnessing the power of PHEMI’s advanced data management capabilities.

Big Data Management Platform for Finance

Use Cases for Financial Services

Manage Big Data Across Departments2019-03-25T21:13:09+00:00

Manage cross-organizational and cross-department data sharing agreements, control appropriate data usage, and manage the data preparation workflow while preserving data lineage.

Extract Insights Using Text Analytics2019-03-25T21:06:54+00:00

Discover new insights from your emails, social media, surveys, and documents including keywords, topics, sentiment, and semantic concepts. De-identify data and link it to existing datasets.

Operational Improvements2019-03-25T21:08:58+00:00

PHEMI reduces data redundancy by creating a single derived dataset for an input file that provides granular attribute-based access control to all
users and uses of the dataset. PHEMI also helps automate data pipeline management, metadata management, and data provenance by 75% to 90%. PHEMI’s solution can reduce data lake storage and data integration costs by half.

Accelerate Financial Management Transformation2019-03-25T21:13:06+00:00

PHEMI helps banks optimize their investments in EDL by creating a single source of data that is designed to comply with privacy regulations. PHEMI also helps banks harvest business value in data, while simplifying and improving data management.

Simplified DevOps2019-03-25T21:14:22+00:00

In the age of digital disruption, success increasingly is tied to speed. Financial services firms compete by trading faster and more securely. PHEMI helps devops teams streamline processes by creating a centralized repository for all enterprise data and enabling self service data integration and provisioning.

Reduce the Risk of Data Breaches2019-03-25T21:10:21+00:00

PHEMI provides authorization policies to enforce privacy uniformly and consistently. It also enables the limiting of data access privileges. PHEMI also controls data access by destination, de-identifying it on-the-fly before it’s downloaded. PHEMI’s audit logs track who’s accessed what information and supports export to SIEM tools for faster anomaly detection.

Self Serve Access to Sensitive Data2019-03-14T00:19:13+00:00

PHEMI Central lets you set policy rules that uniformly and consistently enforce access for users and applications in real-time across users, departments and organizations. Operating at the metadata level, Data Catalog solutions can effectively profile, tag, and organize data, allowing users to search, discover and understand the provenance of curated datasets. PHEMI Central ingests unstructured, semi-structured or well-structured data and orchestrates the data processing workflow to build a library of analytics-ready data.

Get Data-Driven Insights2019-03-14T00:41:24+00:00

Be agile, and keep your competitive edge by reducing data friction. Let PHEMI Central be your single source of truth and trust so you can accelerate the secondary use of data without compromising privacy, security and governance.

Understanding how our clients’ behavior affects their underlying risk profile is important for our ability to offer world-class products and solutions that meet their needs. Developing our data analytics capability further is therefore critical. The partnership with PHEMI also enhances our current data protection processes and supports our commitment to upholding the strongest protocols for gathering, securing, and protecting personal and other data.

Emile Stipp, Chief Actuary, Discovery

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