Protect Sensitive Data

Automatically tag, inventory, tokenize, de-identify and track sensitive data, enforcing data usage agreements.

Enforce data protection best practices whether you’re simply looking to protect your sensitive data or are governed by HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, PIPEDA, NYCRR cybersecurity regulations or other compliance frameworks. Whereas many de-identification solutions duplicate data for identified and de-identified datasets, PHEMI Central uses a single agile data model resulting in less data duplication, fewer data management headaches, and a single query across identified and de-identified data. All this adds up to a much more scalable system and lower risk of a data breach as you add more data sources and more users.


PHEMI Central lets you tag, inventory and control your sensitive data whether it’s in a file or buried in a relational table.

PHEMI goes further, helping you enforce data usage agreements across departments, business units, partners and licensed third party content.


PHEMI Central lets users work with data without breaching privacy guidelines.

PHEMI Central includes a comprehensive library of de-identification algorithms to hide, mask, truncate, group, and perturb data. System functions include dataset-specific and system-wide tokenization so you can link and share data without risking data leakage.


PHEMI Central collects audit logs concerning not only what changes were made to the PHEMI system, but also data access patterns. Human and machine-readable de-identification reports are automatically generated to meet your enterprise governance risk and compliance guidelines.

Expect More From Your Data Lake

Let PHEMI help you get more value from your big data investment by unlocking new insights.

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