PHEMI Simplifies Big Data Management

Ingest and Store

Whether it’s structured or unstructured data, PHEMI handles all types and sizes of datasets with ease.

  • Use templated rules to control access to sensitive data.
  • Minimize data duplication and simplify data management.

Curate and Model

Extract meaningful insights from structured or unstructured data and generate analytics-ready datasets.

  • Build a custom application with custom workflows to analyze big data.

  • Automatically de-identify and share data based on HIPAA, GDPR, and Canadian Privacy Regulations.

Consume and Publish

Get your data to those who need it most; quickly, efficiently, and securely.

  • Turn your data lake into an organized library of digital assets.
  • Create intuitive point-and-click dashboards for self-serve access to information.


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You’ve made a large investment in your biggest asset: big data. Now you’re moving towards using AI to unleash the full power of your enterprise. PHEMI delivers insights, governance, privacy, and speed by simplifying the large, costly, and complex challenges of data management.

Manage Data

PHEMI makes data management easy and efficient with identification and governance features.

Accelerate Digital

PHEMI’s fully integrated solution gets you moving faster by reducing complexity and roadblocks.

Find Insights

With advanced indexing and cataloging, PHEMI dramatically reduces total time from ingest to insight.

Reduce Cost of

Faster onboarding and single point of access reduce big data total cost of ownership by up to 60%

Simplify Privacy

Sophisticated governance capabilities and auditability significantly lower compliance-related costs.

Your Data

Attribute-based access controls let you precisely specify who can access what, where, and when.


Average Savings

PHEMI delivers significant cost savings by enabling you to do more with smaller teams.


Less Time For Data Prep

Compared to current methods, Phemi reduces data prep time significantly.


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PHEMI ensures that all your enterprise data is collected, organized, protected, and accessible from every source. With privacy and governance built into its foundation, PHEMI removes the biggest barriers to AI-fuelled innovation.

Advanced Data

Control data enterprise-wide with custom policy frameworks.

Comprehensive Data

Tag, inventory, and control all your sensitive data quickly.

Simplified Privacy

Significantly reduce risk with data privacy controls.

Complete Data

Ensure traceability with advanced auditing capabilities.

Granular Data

Turn distributed data sources into unified data.

Lightning Fast

Link, query, build cohorts, and analyze data at speed and scale.


Employees who can access wrong data

PHEMI ensures only the right people get access to the right data.


Cost of Average Data Breach

PHEMI’s Privacy By Design approach reduces the risk of costly data breaches.

More Information

For more information about what PHEMI can do for you, check out the Data Sheets, Solution Briefs and Webinars.


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