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Job Description


PHEMI is at the nexus of all key trends in Big Data. Governance is critical to attracting the most valuable data and privacy and security are now a must-have for enterprise GDPR. PHEMI helps organizations become more data-driven by sharing sensitive data responsibly. Whether you’re drowning in data or thirsty for insights, PHEMI helps you build a library of analytics-ready data to harness your assets and make better decisions faster. We help organizations derive actionable insights from omnichannel customer journey analysis, customer 360 targeting and segmentation, call center optimization, and organizing private data such as complex clinical records, medical text and genomics.

Our flagship product, PHEMI Central, is a new class of data management software that brings enterprise-grade privacy, security and governance to big data. Named Gartner Cool Vendor and Deloitte Technology Fast 50, PHEMI is the first vendor to bring real-time policy-based privacy enforcement and data governance to big data. For more information, visit us at

Job Description

As an integral part of the PHEMI R&D team, you will work closely with software engineers to innovate and deliver our CI/CD pipeline and engineering tools.


  • Research and drive DevOps solutions keeping current with technology
  • Increase development team efficiency through automation, tools and best-of-class processes for the develop -> build -> test -> deploy cycle
  • Drive cloud solutions deploying PHEMI products
  • Deliver solutions on-time and with quality

Required Skills and Abilities

  • Strong Linux admin experience with Ubuntu and RHEL
  • Bash scripting experience and experience with at-least one other scripting language (e.g., Perl, Python, Terraform)
  • Experience with Docker and Virtualization (ideally VMware and vSphere)
  • Experience with SQL databases – ideally PostgreSQL
  • Experience with Continuous Integration tools – ideally Jenkins and Bamboo
  • Experience with Configuration Management and Orchestration – ideally Ansible and Rundeck
  • Experience with process automation and product deployment
  • Experience with cloud services: at-least one of AWS, Azure (preferred), GCP
  • Experience with Git, Bitbucket, Artifactory, and Github

Preferred Skills

  • Experience with, or aptitude to learn, Big Data technologies
  • Experience with IT activities: network and firewall configuration, imaging machines, use of bootloaders, and building and configuring servers

Professional Qualifications and Experience

  • B.Sc. Computer Science, Mathematics, Software Engineering or equivalent
  • 3+ years DevOps work experience is preferred

Why you should join

We know you’re super-smart and driven, but PHEMI is one of those rare Vancouver-based companies where you can work on really cool technology, collaborate with other crazy-smart people, and also make a real difference in the world.

Cool Technology: At PHEMI, you’ll get to work with various big data technologies like Accumulo/Hadoop and NiFi; data science tools like Spark, Apache Zeppelin and H2O; and push the envelope in advancing the state of the art in sharing data with industry-leading privacy, security and governance.

Crazy-Smart People: Our growing team of crazy-smart developers has many years of big data and complex systems engineering expertise. They’re supported by a PHEMI leadership team that includes some of the most innovative and experienced entrepreneurs in BC who have successfully founded and grown several startups that have generated over $1 billion in shareholder value. The team is rounded out with strong sales & marketing leadership and battle-hardened storage, data warehouse, data science and medical domain expertise. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a team like this in BC, for sure, but we also like to get together for a beer, gourmet potluck meals, a round of dodge ball or a pumpkin carving competition.

Making a difference: Our customers traditionally use around 10% of available data in day-to-day decision-making. And with your help, we’re harnessing the other 90% to make better decisions faster. We are thrilled at the prospect of helping our customers save lives by enabling their medical research, finding better treatment protocols, and improving the delivery of health care. We don’t stop there, of course. Our customers use PHEMI systems for their insurance and financial service businesses to improve call center efficiency, understand their customer journey, develop new products, improve customer satisfaction, and so much more.

Great people. Great technology. Great opportunity. Come join us! Apply to PHEMI today. For more information, explore our website and follow us on Twitter. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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