What We Do

Built from the ground-up with privacy, security and governance, PHEMI uses technology originally developed by the NSA to organize and lock down all data. PHEMI then adds powerful de-identification, pseudo-identification and policy-based access controls to put the right data in the right people’s hands. And because we started with a belief that all data is sensitive, we can operate at the scale and speed of your business, without introducing a lot of complexity or friction along the way.

Changing The World

It’s often said that big data is the next oil fueling artificial intelligence. We couldn’t agree more. But more importantly, it’s clear that every organization regardless of industry, has to become a data company first-and-foremost.

Organizations traditionally use around 10% of available data in day-to-day decision-making. We’re helping harness the other 90% to out-maneuver the competition and change the world for their customers.

Whether organizations are drowning in data or thirsting for insights, PHEMI helps build a library of analytics-ready data to harness knowledge and make better decisions faster. We help organizations build a repository of trusted, reliable and secure data at their fingertips – without compromising privacy, security and governance of the data.

Who We Are

We are thrilled at the prospect of helping our customers save lives by enabling their medical research, finding better treatment protocols, and improving the delivery of health care. We don’t stop there, of course. We’re equally excited to help our insurance, financial service and public sector customers improve call center efficiency, understand their customer journey, develop new products, and improve customer satisfaction.

The PHEMI management team consists of serial entrepreneurs and seasoned Fortune 500 executives with backgrounds in telecommunications, supercomputing, data warehousing and data science. Collectively, the team has generated well over $1 billion in shareholder value and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Expect More From Your Data Lake

Let PHEMI help you get more value from your big data investment by unlocking new insights.

Contact us to find out more and see PHEMI Central in action.